Concours and A.A.C.A. Restorations by Graveyard Run

Concours and A.A.C.A. Restorations by Graveyard Run

Concours and A.A.C.A. Restorations by Graveyard Run - 67 GTO
1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

Concours and A.A.C.A. Restorations by Graveyard Run, is a vehicle built to the same style, inside and out, as it was from the manufacturer although, it is restored to a much greater level of cosmetic quality and craftsmanship than the production line would have produced at the time.  We take each vehicle to be restored apart down to every nut & bolt and every part is repaired and restored, or replaced if necessary before the vehicle is re assembled.

one of our classic car restoration projects in Middle, Tennessee a 1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac GTO
Concuors and A.A.C.A. Restorations by Graveyard Run - 31 Chrysler Coupe
1931 Chrysler 70 Series

What are the Quality Classifications of Restorations?

  • Class 1 “Trailer Queen” Cars that are never driven and are exclusively for show only, they never lose a class, and very few exist.
  • Class 2 “Superior Restoration” – These cars will likely win their class at a national show unless a Class 1 is present. They are very competitive at a national level.
  • Class 3 “20-footer” – A vehicle with an older restoration or good amateur restoration. These are commonly found, and may place, at local car shows.
  • Class 4 “Good” – A drivable vehicle with a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration. These cars are obviously in need of a restoration at 20 feet.
  • Class 5 “Restorable” – Vehicle is in need of a complete restoration. It may not run, and will likely have some rust, but most parts are still intact.
  • Class 6 “Parts Car” – A vehicle that is wrecked, weathered, rusted, or stripped.

All concours and A.A.C.A. restorations by Graveyard Run will be performed at no less than “Class 2” quality.

Some of the individual services offered at Graveyard Run Restorations that will be used in the building of your Concours or A.A.C.A. Off Frame Restoration include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Metal Fabrication for Body Panels and missing and/or damaged parts and More!
  • Complete Interiors.
  • Custom Wood Working and  for Interior accents and Truck Beds
  • Wood Graining Paint
  • Stainless Steel Trim Repair and Polishing.
  • Metal Working to repair body panels.
  • Mediablasting to remove old paint & RUST!

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