Quality Restoration Parts for Sale!

“I’m restoring my antique car, & I need quality parts!”

Welcome to our parts page. We will be adding images and pricing soon but until then please contact us with a “wish list” of any parts you want to get a great deal on.

Are you currently working on your own Antique Auto or Classic Car Restoration Project?  Are you doing some of the work yourself because you’re capable, and want to save a little money?  Have you said to yourself lately, I’m restoring my antique car, & I need quality parts! Parts like the pros use!  Well, you have come to the right place!  At Graveyard Run Restorations, we understand the need for quality parts, and the effect that even the smallest item can have on a beautiful overall restoration.  Over the years, we have built relationships with many great suppliers, so that we can pass some of those savings on to you.  Additionally, Graveyard Run can duplicate just about any sheet metal part, not available on the market, just for you and your project.  Below is a partial list of some of the companies we can offer great deals on:

Dynamat Sonic & Thermal Solutions

Dynacorn International Sheet Metal Parts

Dynacorn Classic Car Bodies

Totally Stainless Hardware

Please contact us for more information at 615-765-7076

or email us at webmaster@graveyardrun.com

one of our classic car restoration projects in Middle, Tennessee a 1970 Chevy Chevelle