Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Restoration, and how to find the right shop to work on your treasured Antique or Classic Car!

Graveyard Run Restorations encourages car owners to be involved in the process of restoring their vehicles.

For that reason, we are flexible regarding how much of the work owners want to do themselves including disassembly, reassembly, and sub-contracting of Chroming, Motors, and Interiors.

On this page, you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Restoration, and how to find the best shop to work on your Antique Auto or Classic Car!

one of our classic car restoration projects in Middle, Tennessee a 1970 Chevy Chevelle

Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Restoration:

Q: What Types of Restoration Services does GYR offer?


  • Concours : Is a vehicle built to the same style as it was from the manufacturer although, it is restored to a greater level of cosmetic quality than the production line would have done.
  • Resto-Mod : Is a project that has a totally stock body but a late model, reliable drive train. Suspension modifications for road handling with front and rear disc brakes is common. The classic look with late model technology.
  • Custom Rod : Is what is usually referred to as a 1949 and newer body style, with custom modifications to the drive train, suspension, interior and even the body. Usually, these vehicles include a custom paint job.
  • Street Rod : Is a pre 1949 body style and is usually built with many new parts. This project is custom built for the driver to fit him or her specifically. Everything from mild to extreme drive trains are installed including all of the latest technology. These vehicles have numerous custom fabricated parts. Custom paint jobs with major body modifications are quite common. “Of course you can combine any of these four types of restorations to suit your own preference. We are here to build your dream ride to your personal taste!”


Q: What are the Quality Classifications of Restorations?


  • Class 1 “Trailer Queen” : Cars that are never driven and are exclusively for show only, they never lose a class, and very few exist.
  • Class 2 “Superior Restoration” : These cars will likely win their class at a national show unless a Class 1 is present. They are very competitive at a national level.
  • Class 3 “20-footer” : A vehicle with an older restoration or good amateur restoration. These are commonly found, and may place, at local car shows.
  • Class 4 “Good” : A drivable vehicle with a deteriorated restoration or a poor amateur restoration. These cars are obviously in need of a restoration at 20 feet.
  • Class 5 “Restorable” : Vehicle is in need of a complete restoration. It may not run, and will likely have some rust, but most parts are still intact.
  • Class 6 “Parts Car” : A vehicle that is wrecked, weathered, rusted, or stripped. At Graveyard Run, all restorations of vehicles will be performed at no less than “Class 2” quality.


Q: Does GYR offer Estimates for their Restoration and Custom Car Services?

A: We do not give estimates on restoration of body and paint for the following good business reasons:

  1. There is no way to tell how much labor or parts will be needed for a specific project. Concealed previous repairs and hidden rust damage may not be visible at the beginning of the project
  2. Requests for changes and modifications to projects by owners can be made without having to re-negotiate the final price.
  3. Job integrity is not compromised by trying to fit repairs and refinish into a specific dollar category.
  4. A quality restoration will outlast a mediocre one. Someday, as your classic car or street rod continues to appreciate in value, the vehicle’s value and the restoration costs could be equal or even less.


Q: What is the Investment Potential of Restoring a car or having a Custom car built?

A: The value of any particular vehicle depends on how collectable and/or desirable it is.

For example lets say that there is a Fiat with $10,000 worth of restoration work to be done and a Ferrari with $10,000 worth of restoration work to be done. Although no two cars are the same as no two snow flakes are identical, we will still use this to compare value. Lets say that these two cars have the same rust, same dents, same price for each part, same availability and time to find each part. In addition they take the same time to fully restore the complete vehicle right down to the minute! The value of the Ferrari is worth $350,000 and the Fiat is worth $6,000. Regardless if it took the same investment to restore them we would still have a value difference. Supply and demand will always set values and we cannot change that. The Customer dictates the investment value/return by what vehicle he or she loves, and decides to restore.

Please Note: Graveyard Run has never been in the business of building Custom Cars or Restoring Antique Autos based on investment potential alone or in an attempt to make a profit from their sale. If you are looking to have a car built based simply on its investment potential or in an attempt to make a financial profit please seek out a different restoration facility. We are in the business of building dream cars to suit the individual.


Q: How does GYR handle their Billing and Documentation?

A: At regular intervals we provide to our customers with Billing Invoices which include time Summaries, labor records, and Photos (Snapfish) & Videos (YouTube) of work done.

  • The labor records from our crew provide written information pertaining to your project each day it is worked on.
  • With each invoice, you will also receive a summary of the total hours performed.
  • Authenticity is vital to the customer who desires a totally original show car. Through research, documentation, digital photos and phone calls to the right people we unravel the mystery to build it correctly.
  • You will receive a packet with progress photos (Snapfish), & Videos (YouTube) with each invoice.


Hopefully this page has provided some answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Car Restoration.

If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss your project with us, please feel free to call our staff at

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