April 2017 updates from Graveyard Run Restorations

Graveyard Run Restorations 4-28-17

Things are moving a little slower this month at Graveyard Run Restorations due to Mark’s recovery from neck surgery. There hasn’t been much excitement to write about, so I have also been making some changes to the website as well which takes up a lot of time.

Harlan kept busy repairing the quarter on the Sassy Grass Green ’70 Duster, a beautiful example of Mopar muscle that suffered some paint damage when someone’s lead additive was spilled onto the quarter and left in the heat of an enclosed trailer.

Final assembly and component testing continues on Mary, the Red Imperial.  We will be test driving her very soon and shortly thereafter debut at her first Concours show in Kentucky.

Graveyard Run Restorations 4-14-17

The past two weeks at Graveyard Run Restorations have been a little more relaxing since Mary, the red Imperial , and Madam Maybelle, the Buick Roadmaster got into Keeneland Concours d’Elegance and Concours d’Elegance of America.  Again, the owners of the cars and the GYR crew are extremely happy that both cars will be featured in each show.

Even though Mary is very near her completion, there is always the process of final assembly and driveability testing.  Greg has been the hero tackling all the electrical work at a grueling pace to get her fully functional for delivery.  Also this week, Greg came across some exceedingly rare parts, pictured below, that will certainly help Mary cause a stir at the Concours shows. Locating some of these parts for the Imperial has been a challenge and we have been really lucky after scouring the Earth for what was needed.

Also, last week we recieved the build history on the beige Chrysler Imperial, Betty as I’ve been calling her. We were very excited to find that the original exterior color is black and that the interior is the Oxblood Red, just like Mary’s interior.  From one 1937 Imperial to the next, we are all anxious to give Betty the attention she deserves.

Out in the shop this month Charlie has made some major accomplishments on the 1931 Hudson, when he was not occupied the Imperial’s shrinking list of needs. Charlie was able to plumb the fuel and brake systems, and install the dash (now with beautifully refurbished gauges,pictured below), and also put the quarter and rear windows in.

impossible find #1!!!!
impossible find #2!!!!
impossible find #3!!!!