Graveyard Run – January/February 2019

It’s been another exciting couple of weeks for the ’69 Coronet. Kenny finally was able to locate the rest of the parts for the front and rear end and sandblasted and got them painted. He was also able to locate specialty bolts and nuts that we were missing and start working on the A/C!

Mark and Harlan have been hard at work on the Coronet as well sanding, buffing, and painting the black on the bottom! Mark has also been getting everything ready for Amelia Island!

Harry has been working away on the motors of the Duster and the Mustang! The heater on the Mustang isn’t working properly so he’s been getting that fixed up for us!

It’s been an extremely productive two weeks and we are so proud of our guys for working so diligently and helping us get everything ready for Amelia Island!