Frame-Off Restorations Process (Part 3 – Component repairs)

With every vehicle build you will have some component that has to be repaired or replaced. Some examples include starters, generators, A/C systems, carburetors, etc. When Graveyard Run Restorations comes across components in need of repair, we have two choices: to repair them in house or to outsource them.

As mentioned in the disassembly blog, when we outsource work, we can run into problems.  Problems that can prolong the restoration include: long waiting periods, the part we are sending out is a rare part, or the part is in much worse shape than we thought it was.  Once in blue moon, the person that we usually outsource our component to has passed away. Then we have to hunt for someone else who really knows what they are doing.  In the restoration world, not just anyone can do the repairs on these old vehicle components.  It truly takes someone who has been around that era of car or who has been taught by someone who knows the older vehicles, such as the 30s, 40s, and 50s.  Once the disassembly process is done and we know for sure that a part is in need of repair, we go ahead and contact our source and get them lined up for the repair. In some rare cases we even call up our source the same week that the vehicle owner signs the Restoration Agreement.

If we repair the component in house, we can still run into our fair share of problems.  During the component repair we can run into things like the part is so rare that we have to go on a hunt for that one little part to make the component work. As said before, this can take weeks or months.  Another problem we can run into is that no one has the part and we either have to make it or find someone who can make that part for us.  If we do find someone that is capable of making a part for one of the components, it normally does not come cheap.  In some cases, you could spend a $1,000 on a small part that is needed in order for your component to work as it should.  If all goes as GYR wants, a component can be repaired in few weeks. This is with testing it and going through the component to make sure every wire, nut, bolt, knob, etc. is in pristine working condition.  As with every vehicle, there are a lot of components that have to be looked over and this can take a few months to go through everything properly.

Graveyard Run Restorations strives to make sure that your classic vehicle is restored correctly and that it will stand out on the show field.  We also want to make sure you have a safe, sound, and dependable vehicle to enjoy touring the scenic highways with.  This only comes with particular attention to detail and should not be rushed.  The end result will be well worth the time invested.

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